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SS Broomsticks and Flying Saucers Journal

Good Ship Harry/Luna
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Welcome aboard the SS Broomstick and Flying Saucers - a livejournal community dedicated to our love for the nearly canon (you know it is, regardless of what the canon actually says) relationship between Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood.

If you love the idea of this pairing, come and join us! If not, you can walk the plank for all we care.

Our crew is as follows:

Captain (Moderator): presentiment
First Mate (Ass!Mod): goodtimenation
Second Mate (Ass!Mod): haldira
Navigator - nyvera
Pilot: xweebleswobble
Navigator - nyvera
Cabin Boy - ajolly

If you'd like to be a part of this motley crew, please get in contact with either presentiment or goodtimenation.