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H/L: Rain

Title: Rain
Artist: Jon Heintz
Category: AU, Shippy
Length: 3:37
URL: www.youtube.com/watch
AU-Set during HBP:
As Harry's sixth year proceeds with turmoil, confusion, and darkness, he finds tranquility from an unexpected source: Luna Lovegood. Ever since the Battle at the Department of Mysteries, she seems to have been avoiding direct contact with Harry, yet always seems to be nearby.

During one of his lessons with Dumbledore, the Headmaster reveals that Umbridge had indeed tortured Harry with the Cruciatus Curse. It was Luna who stumbled upon the scene just as Harry's mind was beginning to break, delaying Umbridge and the Slytherins just enough for Dumbledore to arrive. In the process of mending his damaged psyche, Luna requests the memory be hidden from Harry, for fear of it weakening him for the trying times ahead. Dumbledore agrees reluctantly, but warns Luna to keep her distance for her presence may trigger the memory to resurface. It isn't until now, when Dumbledore assesses Harry to have recovered enough strength, is the memory revealed to him.

Frustrated at the damage he endured at the hands of Umbridge, Harry finds himself unsure of what to make of Luna's request to have his memory subdued. Yet slowly he recalls her consistent support, their mutual understanding. He comes to realize that she did have his best interests at heart, even if it meant keeping herself away from someone she cared for dearly..
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great vid! It made perfect sense without even reading the summary!
thank u! so glad to hear that it made sense w/o summary~
I didn't like the music: / I thought that it didn't match the clip. You put all the lip nicely together ^^ I really like the vid :p
aw shucks. Well to each his/her own taste of songs =) Long as the editing spoke to you that makes me happy <3